June 6-10, 1918

| September 30, 2011

**Journal** June 6, 1918 Clichy: Left Orly at 1 P.M. with all my baggage arriving in Paris at Headquarters at 1:45. Took street car out to Clichy, just outside the wall. Met Engsberg there. Went back for baggage with a truck after dinner. No raid last night. **Journal** June 7, 1918 Very lively air raid […]

June 5, 1918

| September 28, 2011

France, June 5, 1918 Dear Folks, Just a few lines tonight to let you know that your letter of May 11th came this afternoon. It certainly looked good to me to see that envelope handed out to me by the mail orderly. I have been getting official mail from headquarters right along, but hardly expected […]

June 1-5, 1918

| September 26, 2011

**Journal** June 1, 1918 Went into Paris last night and just walked around until 11:30. Our truck for Orly leaves at that time. The Boche planes came over again and dropped a few bombs on the city. Saw the church that was struck the day before by one of the shells. Several women were killed […]

May 29-31, 1918

| September 23, 2011

**Journal** May 29, 1918 Experimented with the various air sets in the work shop—worked around the air drones all day. The field here is settling up fast. New hangars going up daily. Tired tonight. Fine mess here. Two college Park men are in charge here; Humphrey and Biy. **Journal** May 30, 1918 Decoration Day: Lively […]

June 2, 1918

| September 21, 2011

France, June 2, 1918 Dear Folks, Well, how is the old summer time back in Tulare County? I wish I could be there and take a ride with all of you this afternoon, because I suppose that is what you will do. It is 7 P.M. here now which makes it about 11 A.M. with […]

May 25-28, 1918

| September 19, 2011

**Journal** May 25, 1918 Received our orders to proceed to Paris and then to Orly Field about 6 miles out. Left at 3:30 P.M. Paris: Arrived here 8 P.M. Stopping at L’hotel Champs-Elysees. Walked around until 11:30 P.M. Came back and had a lunch and am going to bed now. **Journal** May 26, 1918 Sunday: […]

France, June 1, 1918

| September 16, 2011

France, June 1, 1918 Dear Folks, Am on the job now with both feet. Have been busy lately moving about, so did not get any mail off. However, this morning I will start a letter and if I can’t finish it now I will later on. You know all the war news probably better than […]

May 26, 1918

| September 14, 2011

Paris, May 26, 1918 The American University Union in Europe 8, Rue de Richelieu (Royal-Palace Hotel, Paris) Dear Folks, Well, here I am in the greatest city on earth. We have seen practically everything of interest here, although it cost us a small fortune in taxi bills. It was well worth it, however. We are […]

May 19-21, 1918

| September 12, 2011

**Journal** May 19, 1918 Sunday—Went to Y.M.C.A. services morning and evening. No orders yet. Very nice summer day. Spent three hours down at the officers Y.M.C.A. room playing the “victrola” and writing letters. The ladies there served lemonade and sandwiches. Expect orders to leave any minute. **Journal** May 20, 1918 Nothing new today. Still waiting […]

May 23, 1918

| September 9, 2011

France, May 23, 1918 Dear Folks, Just another few lines to let you know that everything is going along fine with us over here. I only wish I could tell you about the places I have seen and all that I am doing. However, I have a little diary that I am keeping and after […]