October 13-15, 1918

| February 29, 2012

**Journal** October 13, 1918 Sunday: Rain all day. Rec’d mail today, #11 and 13 came from home; also one from Aunt Karrie at H.P., one from Helen Coale, and two more Davis articles. Rec’d a card from Paul Norton from England. Big push starts tomorrow again. **Journal** October 14, 1918 Attack started again this A.M. […]

October 12, 1918

| February 27, 2012

**Journal** October 12, 1918 Rain all day, no flights. Fine news from the British front. Sent home an Xmas coupon so I can get a box. Received a letter from Henry Hildreth from Paris. He was leaving for Italy. France, October 12, 1918 Dear Folks, I am enclosing a coupon for a “Christmas Box.” They […]

October 11, 1918

| February 24, 2012

Letter No. 22 France, October 11, 1918 Dear Folks, Received your letter 14 about a week ago. Those between 4 and 14 excepting No. 8 are still missing. They will turn up soon I guess. The mail has been coming rather hit and miss for the last month. The Republicans don’t seem to be able […]

October 8-11, 1918

| February 22, 2012

**Journal** October 8, 1918 Rain all day. Took some pictures and developed them. We are anxiously awaiting news of peace developments. Many wild rumors are running around, but we can’t believe them. No mail. **Journal** October 9, 1918 Attack started again this A.M. There was a heavy low fog over everything until 2 P.M. It […]

October 3-7, 1918

| February 20, 2012

**Journal** October 3, 1918 Lines have not changed much today. Not much activity. Saw Roland Meyer today. He is in Chause nearby. He shot down a Boche yesterday and got his insignia and iron cross. Clear and much warmer. No mail today. **Journal** October 4, 1918 Attack started this A.M. again. The old 1st Div. […]

October 2, 1918

| February 17, 2012

October 2, 5 P.M. I was interrupted the other evening and had to stop short. Two very busy days have passed since, yesterday and today. We were up this morning at 5:30; and, say, if you don’t think it was cold. Several radiators on our trucks froze up. Believe me, the nice warm bed feels […]

October 1-2, 1918

| February 15, 2012

**Journal** October 1, 1918 The line did not change today. We lost a ship with Fox and Phillips, two mighty fine fellows. Their protection was shot down but the men escaped. Very cold and snappy. No mail. Good news from the other fronts. **Journal** October 2, 1918 Letter # 21. Quite a little activity on […]

September 30, 1918

| February 13, 2012

Letter No. 21 France, September 30, 1918 Dear Folks: Just a few lines before I go to bed, because it has been nearly a week since my last letter, and I can imagine that you want to hear often, even if there is nothing new to write about. We are in the same location as […]

September 26-30, 1918

| February 10, 2012

**Journal** September 26, 1918 The attack started this A.M. at 5:45. We were kept busy all day. Quite a gain was made west of Verdon. It will continue tomorrow. It was a little foggy this A.M., but it soon cleared up and we had beautiful weather. The 91st is in the fight up here now. […]

September 25, 1918

| February 8, 2012

Letter No. 20 France, September 25, 1918 Dear Folks: I haven’t been able to get any letters out of the last four batches that have come, but I know I have some someplace over here or on the way and that they will get here someday. Last night the first two Literary Digests came. They […]