January 9, 1919

| May 30, 2012

Tours, France, January 9, 1919 Thursday, 7:45 P.M. Dear Folks: Rainy. Well, I’m on my way home now! The conference was finished at noon today, having run for three and a half days. It was a busy time for all of us, as it started at 9 A.M. and wrangled along until 6:30 in the […]

January 6-9, 1919

| May 28, 2012

**Journal** January 6, 1919 Conference started today. It ran from 9-12:30 and 2-6:30. There will be two more days. Cleared up last night and sun was out today. Went to Y.M.C.A. show tonight given by Arizona Players from the 77th Div. Good show, all old timers. **Journal** January 7, 1919 Second day of conference over. […]

January 5, 1919

| May 25, 2012

Tours, France, January 5, 1919 Sunday, 10 A.M. Dear Ma: Birthday Greetings! I wish I could be home with you all today, but guess we will have to wait a couple of months longer. This morning when I woke up, which was not until 8:30, the sun was streaming into my room like a summer’s […]

January 3-5, 1919

| May 23, 2012

**Journal** January 3, 1919 Spent the day with Allison. Went to a fine Y.M.C.A. show put on by an English Squadron. Raining steadily. Going to a dance tomorrow night at the Y.M.C.A. Club. Very nice people there. Enjoying a good time here. **Journal** January 4, 1919 Allison left this A.M. for Angers. Expects to get […]

January 2, 1919

| May 21, 2012

**Journal** January 2, 1919 Met Allison this noon! Have nothing to do until the conference starts on the 6th. Have a nice room at the Bordeaux Hotel. Went to a dance tonight at the Y.M.C.A. Club. Met Coyle, Irwin, de Castry here today. Met Foy also. He is waiting for the conference also.     […]

December 29, 1918 – January 1, 1919

| May 18, 2012

**Journal** December 29, 1918 Met Bryan, Butler and Pourse today. They got in late last night and are going to Colombey tomorrow. They lost their baggage. I found mine today at the depot. Expect to go to Paris on the 3:10 so as to be there for New Year’s Eve. Rain here. **Journal** December 30, […]

December 28, 1918

| May 16, 2012

**Journal** December 28, 1918 Nancy—Went to Colombey this A.M. and returned in town for supper. Rec’d my orders to Romorantin by Tours. Expect to leave here Monday so as to have Tuesday eve in Paris.   Nancy, France, December 28, 1918 Dear Folks: I have just come up to the sitting room here in the […]

December 27, 1918

| May 14, 2012

**Journal** December 27, 1918 Arrived Nancy this A.M. at 5:30. It took 12 hours to make the 60 miles. Staying at Red Cross hotel. Going to Colombey in the morning. Nancy, France, December 27, 1918 3:30 P.M. Dear Folks: Well, I may be on my way home and I may not be. I don’t know. […]

December 24-26, 1918

| May 11, 2012

**Journal** December 24, 1918 Xmas Eve! Very cold. It started to snow about 9:30 tonight, the first this winter. Intend to leave Trier tomorrow night at midnight for Toul. Will go to Colombey for orders to Tours. Expect big dinner tomorrow. **Journal** December 25, 1918 Had a very pleasant Xmas. Very good dinner and entertainment […]

December 23, 1918

| May 9, 2012

**Journal** December 23, 1918 Rain all day today. Went over in town this afternoon. Packed up my trunk and am now ready to go. The S.O.S. is congested at present so I’ll probably have to wait at Colombey for a while. Trier, December 23, 1918 Dear Folks, Just another few lines to enclose these two […]