January 31, 1919

| June 29, 2012

**Journal** January 31, 1919 Spent day here. Got pay and mileage checks. Went to Y.M.C.A. show this evening; saw “A Pair of Sixes” by an American Stock Co. Very good show. Going on to Angers in the A.M. Hearing all kinds of rumors about the place. Wrote home today. Tours, France, January 31, 1919 Dear […]

January 30, 1919

| June 27, 2012

Romorantin, France, January 30, 1919 Dear Folks: Well, we arrived here last night at 8:30, after two days of traveling. We went up to headquarters at once and sure enough there we found our orders to proceed to Angers for transportation to the States, and we also found some long lost mail. I had eight […]

January 29-30, 1919

| June 25, 2012

**Journal** January 29, 1919 Romorantin: Arrived in Paris at 10 A.M. Left there at 2:30 and arrived here at 8 P.M. Found orders to go to Angers and also eight letters. Gee, they looked good. Last one was December 18. Lot were missing. Leaving here tomorrow at 2 P.M. **Journal** January 30, 1919 Tours: Left […]

January 28, 1919

| June 22, 2012

Nice, France, January 28, 1919 Dear Folks, Just another note from down here before we go back tomorrow. We are “resting up” today, after our last six days of sightseeing, in the Officers’ Club; and as the writing room looked so tempting, here I am. As I wrote a few days ago, Lt. Wise and […]

January 26-28, 1919

| June 20, 2012

**Journal** January 26, 1919 Sunday. Played around Nice all day. Warm summer day. Spent morning on walk along sea. Many there. Rogers had dinner with us at noon. Took several pictures in afternoon. Getting some printed here. Some are good. **Journal** January 27, 1919 Wrote home today and to Aunt Karrie. Cloudy today. Very “unusual […]

January 24-25, 1919

| June 18, 2012

**Journal** January 24, 1919 Went over to Monte Carlo today in touring car. Went on to Menton and crossed the border into Italy. Pretty trip. Had dinner and came back at 5 P.M. Weather just like summer. Italy, January 24, 1919 Crossed Italian border this A.M. They won’t let us go far in, why I […]

January 23, 1919

| June 15, 2012

**Journal** January 23, 1919 Spent a very pleasant day about Nice. Like a summer day! The sun was hot. Walked along the shore with the crowd. Going out to Monte Carlo and Menton tomorrow in a machine. This is a great wintering resort. Many English here. Wrote letter home. Atlantic Hotel, Nice, January 23, 1919 […]

January 20-22, 1919

| June 13, 2012

**Journal** January 20, 1919 Climbed the hill and saw the forts. Very interesting. In the afternoon, went out to Uriage, a health resort with hot sulfur springs. Very pretty but cold. Clear today, so we took a few pictures. Hope they’re good. Leaving at 6:30 A.M. Grenoble, France, January 20, 1919 Spent two days here […]

January 17-19, 1919

| June 11, 2012

**Journal** January 17, 1919 Paris: Arrived here at 5 P.M. after an all day’s ride. Very tiresome. Will arrive there at 7 in the morning. Very cold, foggy and rainy here; some snow. Going to supper now at University Club. Heard about Evan Haynes from a 58th Officer. **Journal** January 18, 1919 Lyon: Arrived here […]

January 16, 1919

| June 8, 2012

Romorantin, France, January 16, 1919 Dear Folks: Well, tomorrow morning Lt. John Wise and myself start out to see southern sunny France, the place we have heard so much about. I suppose when we get there the “natives” will tell us the chilly weather, or cloudy sky, is very unusual for this time of year. […]