March 12-14, 1919

| July 30, 2012

**Journal** March 12, 1919 No entry. **Journal** March 13, 1919 Had a fierce storm yesterday and last night. Wind blew 80-100 miles the skipper says. The old ship certainly did ride the waves. I sat up till midnight, afraid of being thrown out of my bunk. Wasn’t sick though, but a little scared. **Journal** March […]

March 8-11, 1919

| July 27, 2012

**Journal** March 8, 1818 Wind changed today. Rougher than usual and slower speed. Feel OK though. Pretty dirty trip due to coal dust and candles. **Journal** March 9, 1919 Sunday: Ran into a still squall this P.M. Wind blew hard and sea was rough. Some rain and fog later. We tossed about like a cork. […]

March 5-7, 1919

| July 25, 2012

**Journal** March 5, 1919 Sea smooth and wind behind us. Warm. Expect to pass the Agores tonight at midnight. Feel pretty good now, and good appetite. Counting the days now to New York news. **Journal** March 6, 1919 Made good time today. Wind and sea with us now. Feeling all right and eating thrice a […]

March 1-4, 1919

| July 23, 2012

**Journal** March 1, 1919 Still rough and still not eating. Had some bread and butter, but couldn’t keep it. They say it is going to calm down soon. Hope so. **Journal** March 2, 1919 Sunday: Soother today. Feel pretty good, but have to stick to bunk pretty close. **Journal** March 3, 1919 Head wind keeping […]

February 25-18, 1919

| July 20, 2012

**Journal** February 25, 1919 Rec’d my orders this AM to go aboard the S.S. Thurlow. Came aboard at 2:30. Expect to sail tomorrow. Small boat, 300 feet long. We’re carrying back DHAs. Not very agreeable quarters but am glad to get anything. Two captains are going also. **Journal** February 26, 1919 Sailed at noon. Spent […]

February 20-24, 1919

| July 18, 2012

**Journal** February 20, 1919 Magee left today. He expects to sail on the Luka Gasper this P.M. Now I’m at the top of the list and will get the next ship. Looks like it will either be the Honolulu or Wyandotte. Rain all day. Very tiresome sitting around here. **Journal** February 21, 1919 Went down […]

February 16-19, 1919

| July 16, 2012

**Journal** February 16, 1919 Sunday: Nothing new. Rain all day. Many rumors running around about embarkation of troops being stopped. Hope to get aboard a ship before any such order is put in effect. Expect a rough time. Bryan got off reportedly on the Niagrin. **Journal** February 17, 1919 Nothing new today. Went down to […]

February 12-15, 1919

| July 13, 2012

**Journal** February 12, 1919 We moved out to the Embarkation Camp near the docks. Walked down to them this afternoon looking at the ships. Met Bryan out here again. Nice warm weather here. We are up on a hill overlooking the river. **Journal** February 13, 1919 Carter left today as did Paxton. The latter have […]

February 11, 1919

| July 11, 2012

**Journal** February 11, 1919 Got the dope today. One of us will go on each boat to leave here with A.S. material. I am the 7th on the list. Two will leave day after tomorrow, one the next day and then about three next week. Looks like I’ll get out in a week. Bordeaux, February […]

February 8-10, 1919

| July 9, 2012

Bordeaux, February 8, 1919 Dear Folks: Just a few lines. I arrived here yesterday at noon from Angers. My orders read to convey some Air Service material back to the States, so we (ten of us) are waiting here for the material to show up. As soon as it does we will have it loaded […]