March 8-11, 1919

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March 8, 1818
Wind changed today. Rougher than usual and slower speed. Feel OK though. Pretty dirty trip due to coal dust and candles.

World War One Letters Blog

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March 9, 1919
Sunday: Ran into a still squall this P.M. Wind blew hard and sea was rough. Some rain and fog later. We tossed about like a cork. I hit my bunk to keep my dinner.

March 10, 1919
Wind blew itself out this A.M. Sea moderate now. Got some of my things back that I lost out of my trunk. Hope to get it all back. Our destination is in doubt now. Will receive our orders by radio in a few days.

March 11, 1919
Wind came up this afternoon. Blowing a fresh gale now. They are looking for a storm within next 12 hours. Barometer has fallen rapidly. Hope they are mistaken.


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