October 7, 1917, 3:30 P.M.

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And we’re off!

October 7, 1917, 3:30P.M.
En Route to Camp Lewis

Fine bunch of fellows on board. All U.C. fellows together here in Car D. Been playing checkers with Buster.
Had fine dinner—Swiss cheese sandwiches, fried chicken, apples and candy
Warm here at Davis. Going to have fine time.
Will get sleepers at Red Bluff. Buster and I have a lower.

October 7, 1917, 4:15P.M.
En Route to Camp Lewis

No sleepers tonight. These cars are okay. Will eat supper at Williams. We get off and use meal tickets. Fine country up here. Warm. Not in the least sick. Tonsils were the cause of it before. Will write in the morning.
Feel fine and happy.

October 7, 1917, 6:30P.M.

Had fine dinner here. 500 seats along Main Street. Lots to eat, and music also. Whole town apparently standing around. Have one and one-half hours here to “stretch.”
Feeling fine.


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