January 2, 1919

| May 21, 2012

**Journal** January 2, 1919 Met Allison this noon! Have nothing to do until the conference starts on the 6th. Have a nice room at the Bordeaux Hotel. Went to a dance tonight at the Y.M.C.A. Club. Met Coyle, Irwin, de Castry here today. Met Foy also. He is waiting for the conference also.     […]

Decemner 17, 1918

| May 2, 2012

Letter No. 30 Trier, Germany, December 17, 1918 Dear Folks, We have had a man out in a machine scouting for our mail for the last week. Today he came back successful, having located three sacks of it. Out of the lot I gathered in eleven, and I’ll guarantee no other eleven were more welcome. […]

December 2-5, 1918

| April 18, 2012

**Journal** December 2, 1918 Went riding this afternoon in the Ford. Saw some Boche planes that were turned over to us. Saw Gothas, Fokkers and Iron Junker. Very interesting. Nothing new about moving or going home. Clear cold weather. No mail for a long time. **Journal** December 3, 1918 Rain and fog all day. Expect […]

November 20-23, 1918

| April 9, 2012

**Journal** November 20, 1918 Nothing new doing here. We are going to move up to Mercy-le-Bas. This is north-west of Metz in France. This is just our first move as we expect to go all the way to the line. **Journal** November 21, 1918 Mercy-le-Bas! Came up here today. Very clean little place. Received a […]

November 19, 1918

| April 6, 2012

Letter No. 27 France, November 19, 1918 Dear Folks: When you get this letter, I will have been in Germany about three weeks or a month—the place we have been waiting so long to set foot on. We are attached to the 3rd Army of Occupation. We feel quite proud of the honor, as very […]

November 6-9, 1918

| March 28, 2012

**Journal** November 6, 1918 Busy again all day. Rained last night which added to our woes. The roof leaked and the rain drove all of the rats and mice into our barracks. Rec’d more mail today, Oct. 1. **Journal** November 7, 1918 Telephone information just came saying Germany had come out with flag of truce […]

October 22, 1918

| March 9, 2012

**Journal** October 22, 1918 Misty today—cleared in P.M. Wrote to Aunt Karrie and also several cards. Looks now like the war will continue for quite a while. Guess the Boche will just have to be “cleaned up” entirely before we can trust them and deal with them. France, October 22, 1918 Dear Folks: Just a […]

October 18, 1918

| March 5, 2012

Letter No. 23 France, October 18, 1918 Dear Folks: Just a few lines before going to bed. We are getting along O.K. in the same position we were in when I last wrote. Winter has set in for sure. It has been cloudy, foggy, and rainy for the last week. The mud has consequently been […]

September 14-16, 1918

| January 27, 2012

**Journal** September 14, 1918 Explosions started again tonight at 5 P.M. Saw about 1,000 Boche prisoners today. They were taken this A.M. Cleared us today. Had two failures today, hard luck! Rumors have it we may move again. Hope not. **Journal** September 15, 1918 Sunday: Busy today with radio. Changing all generators. Push still on. […]