November 16-19, 1918

| April 4, 2012

**Journal** November 16, 1918 Rumors have it that we are going into Germany until peace is signed, and that then we will be the first to go home. Expect travel orders within a couple of days. Cold and clear now. Freezing all day. Nothing to do around here now. **Journal** November 17, 1918 Spent the […]

November 12-15, 1918

| April 2, 2012

**Journal** November 12, 1918 The paper says “The War is Won” and I guess they are right. The terms of the armistice are very binding on Germans and I can’t see how she can pull a surprise on us. Looks like the war will be settles by Xmas. Then for the States. **Journal** November 13, […]

November 6-9, 1918

| March 28, 2012

**Journal** November 6, 1918 Busy again all day. Rained last night which added to our woes. The roof leaked and the rain drove all of the rats and mice into our barracks. Rec’d more mail today, Oct. 1. **Journal** November 7, 1918 Telephone information just came saying Germany had come out with flag of truce […]

October 25, 1918

| March 14, 2012

**Journal** October 25, 1918 Letter 25. Received 18 letters today. They were all June and July mail that had been held up. Was mighty glad to get them. Went down to Bar-le-Duc for a bath today. Big push is on us by Grandpre. The Boche are resisting strongly here. Letter No. 25 France, October 25, […]

October 23-24, 1918

| March 12, 2012

**Journal** October 23, 1918 Clear all day today. Quite a change. Warm, too! Ships were on the go all day after photos. Lost Johnson and Kennedy by archies. No mail yet. Nothing new. Expect to move when mud dries up.       **Journal** October 24, 1918 Letter 24. Received good long letter from Paw […]

October 19-21, 1918

| March 7, 2012

**Journal** October 19, 1918 Cloudy all day—misty tonight. Little activity for air service in this kind of weather. We spend our time reading and playing cards. No more mail lately. “Peace” seems to have withdrawn itself off into the future again. **Journal** October 20, 1918 Rainy all day. Played whist all afternoon. Took a 5 […]