March 8-11, 1919

| July 27, 2012

**Journal** March 8, 1818 Wind changed today. Rougher than usual and slower speed. Feel OK though. Pretty dirty trip due to coal dust and candles. **Journal** March 9, 1919 Sunday: Ran into a still squall this P.M. Wind blew hard and sea was rough. Some rain and fog later. We tossed about like a cork. […]

March 5-7, 1919

| July 25, 2012

**Journal** March 5, 1919 Sea smooth and wind behind us. Warm. Expect to pass the Agores tonight at midnight. Feel pretty good now, and good appetite. Counting the days now to New York news. **Journal** March 6, 1919 Made good time today. Wind and sea with us now. Feeling all right and eating thrice a […]

March 1-4, 1919

| July 23, 2012

**Journal** March 1, 1919 Still rough and still not eating. Had some bread and butter, but couldn’t keep it. They say it is going to calm down soon. Hope so. **Journal** March 2, 1919 Sunday: Soother today. Feel pretty good, but have to stick to bunk pretty close. **Journal** March 3, 1919 Head wind keeping […]